A trip to the Southern France can prove to be an amazing way to celebrate a vacation. This region is widely known for being one of the best places where you can relax, such as Saint Tropez or Monte Carlo. But getting here can be quite a nuisance if you don’t know the region and the exact routes. That’s why arriving with a plane in Nice and transferring to Saint Tropez with Cabooking.com is the easiest solution to starting your holiday in style.

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Visit Saint Tropez

Once you get to Saint Tropez you will be delighted by the looks and beauty of this town, that just a few decades ago was simple fishing village. But the city wasn’t like this until the beginning of the last century. Instead, it was a military stronghold and fishing village. After the world wars it became a seaside resort that received a lot of popularity due to numerous French cinema stars who spent their vacations there.

Saint-Tropez is also known for the classic historical port that once was one of the main trading ports in France. However, that changed in recent years and now the port is primarily a tourist spot and a place for sailing regattas.

As expected, the main economic resource for the town is tourism. There are many hotels here, such as Byblos and Les Caves du Roy which hold various international events. But Saint Tropez is also known for its major roles regarding modern art, as here resided lots of next generation painters such as David Hockney, Donal Sultan and many others.

The beaches of St tropez

You can’t talk about Saint Tropez without mentioning the beaches. There are quite a few kilometers of beach, each one having its own tanning areas and huts. There are plenty of activities such as sailing, surfing, canoeing, water skiing, scuba diving or just about anything you want.

beach saint tropez

When it comes to public transport, you can get around using one of the multiple mini buses available, which allow you to get quick access to the beach Of course, you can use additional means of transport such as taxis, cars, bicycles and scooters, but also boats and helicopters. Saint Tropez has been modernized quite a lot in the last century and the technology is brimming here in town.

Saint Tropez brings numerous health facilities, recreation centers, outdoor center, library and cinema, so there are plenty of things to see and do.

As you can see, Saint Tropez is a very interesting town and popular tourist location. If you want to get here safely and have a personal car waiting for you at all times, then you can’t go wrong with Cabooking.com, as this is the best web site to hire a driver with a car that will exceed your expectations.

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