San Remo or Sanremo is located on the Mediterranean coast of Western Liguria in north-western Italy. Since the Roman times, the city of San Remo has established itself as one of the most popular destination on the Italian Riviera.

The city is also famous because of the variety of cultural events that includes Sanremo Music Festivals and the Milan – San Remo cycling classic.

Transfer from Nice to San Remo

Situated just 55 km away, the Côte d’Azur International Airport of Nice is the closest airport to San Remo. The city of San Remo is famous for its great climate combined with an extensive stretch of beautiful white sand beaches which can be enjoyed the best through a road trip. Hence, it is often considered as the wisest option to book a car with driver when you are traveling from Nice to San Remo.

Being established during the Middle Ages, San Remo has been the ideal destination to chill out and relax. As the tourism industry boomed in the city, the place gets huge flocks of tourists coming in every year.

The old city is now modernized with luxurious hotels and large building today but you can still explore the Old Town area, known as La Pigna if you want to see how life was during the early days of formation.

San Remo : a historic city

La Pigna, which is named after the pine-cone as the district’s roads are circling around a hill towards the center of the town. You can explore one historic site to another while touring through these streets. You can visit Piazza, Bresca, in the evening which is located at the seafront square area of San Remo.

Situated around the coast, San Remo is connected by great highways to the nearby cities which makes it a perfect base to experience the beauty of the overall area. In the east, you can tour Genoa which is known for its museums and other attractions. While in the west, you can spend a whole day in the seaside city of Nice.

As all these locations are connected with highways, you can easily explore each and every part of the area and enjoy the untouched natural beauty and its endless attractions by booking a car with a driver.

So if you plan visiting San Remo and enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and old historical city areas, then book a car with a driver to tour from Nice to San Remo for a comfortable and wonderful experience.

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