The city of Nice has a remarkable archaeological site in the district of Cimiez. The site includes a park, Roman arenas, thermal baths and also an archaeological museum. This site is a major attraction in Nice. It offers a cultural and friendly walk.

In the large Cimiez Park, an ancient Roman amphitheater and baths were discovered. Many traces of the Roman occupation are exposed to the local museum.

The Arena of Cimiez in Nice

Nice arenas date from the second century AD. It served as a place of entertainment to the population of the city of Cemenelum. Today, they are still the scene of some local events.

The arenas are quite small and are especially interesting in the context of a more comprehensive tour of the archaeological site of Cimiez.

Cimiez arenas are located northwest of the Roman baths.

The Roman Baths of Cimiez

Nice thermal baths are among the most beautiful Roman ruins that can be found in France.

The baths are divided into three parts:

  • The northern baths
  • The baths of eastern
  • Western The Baths

Some people think that the terms of the North were reserved for the use of consultants, those in the east were reserved for men and those of Western women.

They contained hot pools and cold water.

Archaeological Museum of Cimiez

The archaeological museum houses the finds mostly from the ancient Roman city of Cemenelum. This city was the capital of the Roman province of Alpes-Maritimes. She stood at the same place from Cimiez neighborhood.

cimiez museum

The many museum relics are discoveries that have been made on the site in 1950 to 1969. This collection is fascinating to discover the daily life of the Romans who lived there.

Practical Information:

Hours: 10 am to 18 pm, open every day except Tuesdays and holidays.
Address: 160 Avenue arenas, Nice – France

The site of the Roman ruins of Cimiez also houses the sublime Matisse museum. It is interesting to visit all these places in the process.

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