Getting around when abroad can be a challenge. Differences in language and culture can make driving yourself or being driven difficult. Figuring out what forms of transportation will work best is also a challenge, as there may be a significantly cheaper option then just taking a cab.

This is where private hires come in. Lets take a look at private hires, and see how they differ from traditional taxi services. In addition, lets take a look at how some of these private hires can help transport you around the beautiful Nice France.

Private Cars Verse Taxis

The difference between a private hire and licensed taxi is that a private hire is an ordinary car which has been given a special license by the city. These vehicles will differ in make and model, and can serve a range of needs that a traditional taxi service may not, like offering transportation to a specific location.

Another important difference is that a licensed taxi is allowed to pick people up off the streets, while a private hire must be booked in advance. This way, the two do not compete with one another, and any person hailing a cab will be guaranteed the same level of service.

Pickup at the airport of Nice France

Private hires are perfect for being picked up out of the airport. The last thing you will want to think about after arriving in Nice is having to find a cab and navigate to your hotel. With a private hire transportation, all you will have to do is arrive, and your transportation will be waiting to take care of the rest. In addition, the price is worked out ahead of time, meaning that you will not have to worry about paying someone in Euros the moment you get off the plane.

Congestion Transfer

Either when driving yourself or taking a Nice taxi, you may run into congestion that increases the rates of your travel. A private hire will have been booked ahead of time, meaning that the cost will be the same regardless of how much congestion you run into.

Private Transportation on the French Riviera

The French Riviera is beautiful to explore, and can be made even better when hiring a private hire. You can skip the crowded tour buses and have a truly magical journey at your own pace.

If you would like to book a private hire, please fill in the booking form.

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